‘The Loop’: Improved connectivity for the future industrial ecosystem of Manisa

Can the managerial system of the organized industrial districts develop a regulatory system that could re-organize the production processes on a collective basis in a more efficient manner? Is it possible to generate productive coherency within the industrial zone via a public transport system? Is it possible to integrate such an internal system with that of the city for a better integration in urban context? How could the heavy infrastructure of a mass-transport system be inserted into the dense industrial fabric to ensure even further densification?

In the project, the possibilities of providing functional and spatial integration that could allow the different partnerships between factories and are investigated. Then, the monorail system as a central transport infrastructure having a capacity of ensuring the abovementioned integration is suggested. The proposed monorail system is designed as a hybrid and generative urban infrastructure that allows both freight and passenger transportation, and can accommodate some indoor and outdoor programs (offices and pedestrian public platforms) on itself. Starting with the new proposed logistics center in the north, the line respectively connecting the reclaimed OIZ, Manisa OIZ, the new housing development zone, and the newly developed Innovation Center is shaped as a loop that gives its name to the project.

‘The loop’, which creates thematic development nodes on some selected station points, provides the infrastructure that will enable the aimed programmatic integration and clusteration in industrial production, while also becoming the first stage of the planned infrastructure that will connect the industrial zone with the city and university in future.

Cansu Sicimli | Shajee Haider Taqvi | Nurten Müge Ayla