The subtle relationship between the industry and the city tends to be altered unprecedently within the current global and local economies. For the sake of innovation and efficiency, the productive programs of industry (i.e., manufacturing, research and development, design, and management) require to be more integrated than before. In the way of diversifying the labor profile involved in the production processes, industrial districts gain a more ‘urban’ character in close connection with the social and physical infrastructure of the cities. The current trends and tendencies, in this context, concurrently require responsive spatial planning and design strategies to foster, guide, and manage such socio-economic and technological transformation in an urbanistic manner. 

To that end, INDUSTRIAL URBANISM_TURKEY initiates a multi-disciplinary ground with academics, researchers, and policy-makers from economics, planning, and architecture. METU Master of Urban Design (MUD), Master of Architecture (MArch) Programs, and Policy Analytics Lab (PAL) collaborate within the body of the project. The program handles the issue of creating productive spaces by planning, policy and design as a research question to be further elaborated by design studies. 

While doing it, the project identifies itself on the already established framework of  INDUSTRIAL URBANISM with the inspiration of its stated global mission. Eventually, the research and development program intend to become an active part of the international network in collaboration with the different local initiatives operating on the same mission: a new industrial future for our cities.