The Corridor(s)

Can the last city be reorganized as the city of transformation of an industry into life, and industrial zones as a technology and ecological corridor? What could be from this world? How can a new generation industry corridor be constructed between Başkent Organized Industrial Zone and Sincan Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), which are located in two different parts of Ankara?

The corridor(s) project is purpose-built for use from the area where Başkent OIZ is located and Ankara Stream sections of Sincan OIZ business area. This area for 20 km between the two regions has been considered as a “production line”; It is envisaged that this line will be planned holistically with developed living spaces, living spaces, social facilities, agriculture and recreation areas and systems.

Interaction with directed B detached factories and taking industrial initiatives. There is no mention of a pattern between socialization, places that are not treated as a trigger of materiality, and things that are not related to people.

While designing the scenario, the current appearance of OIZs was considered, and a special attention was paid to the industrial sector for a contemporary future. Three main plans, which we can call blue, green and gray corridors for the connections to be established between OIZs, are being designed: Ankara Stream, green areas and roads.

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