Industrial Acupuncture

Instead of transforming an entire region with a central masterplan, would it be possible to direct the transformation from plots to block, from blocks to the district with a bottom-up approach, through a small intervention directory? How can industrial areas be transformed with a series of point- based interventions inspired by the so-called acupuncture approach?

Acupuncture corresponds to a conceptual approach that aims to spread this effect and transform large areas with small-scale interventions to be made at key points in terms of urbanism. In this project, the development and transformation of OSTİM in the whole area is envisaged with small and on-site interventions.

OSTİM has an organic structure that transforms itself over time, strengthens its connections with the city, and is able to host innovative production styles. In the project, it is aimed to provide solutions that will support OSTİM’s own evolutionary process by avoiding major interventions.

Block and plot typologies were determined to characterize the focussed interventions. Thus, the strategy of transforming the whole area becomes possible by spreading the changes starting from critical points to the immediate environment. Seven different typologies determined in this direction form the basis of design tactics that can be applied in other OIZs.

Hadeel Abuzaid | İrem S. Büyükkoçak | Yağmur Aşçı