Can the industrial production of the future become the main factor that produces the city? Can a city integrated with an industrial zone be a model for the urban lifestyle of the future? How can a life, work and socialization and recreation program that will make different segments of the society happy be considered together with what needs to be done to attract the future workforce and especially the creative class?

This project aimed to put forward a new master plan by focusing on Başkent OIZ in an area of approximately 50 km2, including Anadolu OIZ and 2nd OIZ. In the scenario where OIZs develop and get closer to each other, it is aimed to re-plan the industrial basin in a way that will provide a strong relationship between workers and industrial zones.

In the project, which was developed around the themes of being together, collective production and living together, the changing workforce profile was also taken into consideration. It is foreseen that the worker profile needed in the future will need intellectual accumulation rather than physical strength. In this direction, an integrated industrial city development is envisaged that will strengthen the interaction between OIZs themselves and between OIZs and universities and technoparks.

Esra Gürel | Harmain Riaz | Handan Akyürek