‘Betwixt & Between’

What would be the spatial and programmatic transformation of an industrial zone within the city in a world where Ankara’s industry is completely digitalized? How can OSTİM transform today’s dynamic industry network structure consisting of small-scale production units towards being the incubation center and solution partner of the new generation industry? So, what would be the reflections of such a transformation in the production space and in the common open spaces?

With this project, alternative integration models between the industry and the city were investigated through the example of OSTİM. Existing problems, architectural and spatial limitations were examined. Thus, the scenario of OSTİM’s hosting the digital industry of the future was developed with a model that offers solutions according to the needs, instead of a single static master plan scheme for the whole of OSTİM.

It is aimed to ensure that the spaces are arranged at the scale of an organized industrial zone, with flexibility and to prevent social discrimination based on space. It is aimed that the new arrangements to be made at OSTİM will provide multiple effects with a hybrid understanding. These domains are; production area, accommodation area, green area, social and technical infrastructure equipment.

While doing all this, it was taken into consideration that OSTİM would be the innovation and technology center of the future. Thus, companies that can both use common areas in interaction and maintain their existence in access-controlled private work areas will be able to be located together. In the scenario presented, the most suitable modular solution options are produced according to the needs of the innovative companies of the future.

Aybüke Tufan | Büşra Sönmez | Ömer Faruk Ağırsoy

Peculiar unity of the liminal: that which is neither this nor that, and yet is both.

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